Apartment resident’s car towed while it was parked at complex

DENVER -- Jamie Ausman has lived at the Townview Community apartments for four years.

On Saturday morning, she was in for surprise. Two of them, actually.

One, her car was missing. And two, her own apartment complex had it towed.

It was taken by towing company Parking Authority. It said her parking placard was a fake.

“How is that possible? I’ve lived here for four years, I’ve had the same permit all four years," Ausman said.

To get her car back, Ausman had to pay $481.52. That’s almost a month's rent for the working mother.

“I live here. I have a permit. I have questions," she said.

People in the management office at Townview Community apartments said they were not authorized to speak with the media.

Parking Authority said to email any questions.

But Ausman got a call from the towing company later Tuesday afternoon saying she could come and get her vehicle at no charge.

Townview Community called Ausman and said it would give her a new parking card at no charge.