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‘DeepFake’ video software attracts those looking to harm, embarrass others

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DENVER -- New artificial intelligence technology  is allowing those with creative talent to do some amazing things, but in the wrong hands that same technology can cause heartbreak and grief.

Viral videos show the face of actor Nicholas Cage superimposed onto other actors’ bodies, making it appear that he stars in the films.

These are called “DeepFakes,” A.I. technology that allows the user to replace one person’s face with another in a video format.

Cyber security expert Mitch Tanenbaum said the technology was originally designed for users who just want to have a little fun, but it has made its way into the wrong hands.

“You have people with a warped sense of reality," he said.

Tanenbaum adds that those most at risk are celebrities who typically have many photos available online because it takes a good number of still  photos to make just one DeepFake video.

Tanenbaum warns that if certain public figures are targeted such as politicians, the impact could be serious.

“If you want to go and throw an election one way or another, what would (a fake video) do to the candidate's results in the poll? Would people believe those are  real or not real could you tilt an election like that?” he said.

Tanenbaum explains that laws are not keeping up with the advancement of technology, so legal recourse for victims can be difficult to achieve.

Some sites such as Reddit and reportedly Pornhub are fighting back against DeepFake videos by not allowing them.

But  there’s little else that can be done to stop those who want to take the fun out of today’s amazing technological advances.

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