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Avoid IRS phone scams targeting personal information

DENVER -- The Better Business Bureau and the Internal Revenue Service are warning of scams designed to steal personal information.

An Aurora man said he received a threatening voicemail that said, “There is a legal petition notice filed under your name from the IRS for tax evasion and tax fraud … failure to return the call will result in law enforcement action against you.”

The Denver Better Business Bureau said this is a perfect example of the type of scam going around during tax season.

The messages tell the recipient to call a certain number “before you get arrested.”

The IRS has posted a warning on its website explaining that some scammers are even using video relay services to scam  those who are deaf.

Other schemes target victims online, by reaching out through emails.

It’s important to know the IRS does not ask for personal information through email.

The Better Business Bureau’s scam tracker shows tax collection schemes are being closely watched.

Experts say the best thing you can do to protect yourself is to let unfamiliar calls just go to voicemail.