Law enforcement agencies struggle with recent deputy deaths

DENVER -- The recent violence has affected three sheriff's departments in Colorado, but law enforcement communities throughout the state are mourning.

“We just took our mourning shroud and the very next day, we put it back on so it does have accumulative effect,” said Sgt. Bobby Waidler with the Denver Police Department. “It’s hard to witness."

When officers continue to see their brothers and sisters in blue get killed and wounded on the job, it's tough.

“It's definitely scary, it’s definitely scary,” Waidler said.

It takes a toll on the officers, and sometimes their families take an even larger hit.

“I’m seeing the officers reaching out because their family is so concerned," Waidler said.

The Denver Police Department has the Resiliency Wellness Program in place to help. That help could be through a chaplain, psychological services or peer support.

“The programs are being utilized more in time like this," Waidler said.

Whatever self-care means is what the program provides. Leaders at the department want to make sure officers are OK.

“We go out there with more reason to serve and more reason to make a positive impact and a positive impression,” Waidler said.