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Man alleged to have struck police officer with vehicle arrested in Fort Collins

LONGMONT, Colo. — A suspect accused of running down a Longmont police officer and fleeing the scene on Friday was arrested while leaving a restaurant on Monday.

Richard Jeffs, 47, was taken into custody while exiting a restaurant near Horsetooth Road and College Avenue in Fort Collins, according to the Longmont Police Department.

Before he was struck during initial contact with the suspect, the officer attempted to confront Jeffs after recognizing him from an internal investigative bulletin.

A police spokesman said when the officer went to question Jeffs, he got into an Audi, backed out of the parking space and struck the officer.

He continued to back up and fled once reaching Main Street.

The confrontation happened near Eighth Avenue and Main Street. Police said Jeffs had a warrant out for his arrest.

The officer was treated for his injuries and released from a hospital late Friday night but will take some time to recover.

“He is in good spirits despite a fracture in his shoulder region and an ankle injury,” the spokesman said.

Police found Jeffs’ first vehicle, a 2004 Audi station wagon, on Friday night, but Jeffs remained on the run.

Longmont police obtained a new arrest warrant on Friday night with 10 charges, including first-degree assault to a peace officer and vehicular assault.

He was originally wanted for sentencing on forgery of checks.