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Denver’s Stapleton location is least snowy on record

DENVER — This is the least snowy season on record, to date, for the Denver area.

Stapleton has only had 9.9 inches this season, whereas a bit more than 30 inches is average to this point of the year.

Stapleton served as Denver’s official snowfall recording site from 1950 to 2007. The official site moved to Denver International Airport in 2008.

DIA’s snowfall data is only 10 years old and fails to offer much context when talking about a long-term history.

There is a chance of snowfall Monday overnight into Tuesday morning and again late in the week. However, both will fail to get the city back to average.

At least there is hope to get out of the No. 1 position of least snowiest.

Across the state, select mountain snowfall locations show the lack of snowfall. Only a handful have had average to above-average snowfall this season.

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