Oasis Brewing moves into old church

DENVER -- Since 1931, an old church -- with a steeple rising high and widows stretching wide -- has had a home in Highlands Square.

Now, it's getting ready to serve up something besides wine from the Gospel, with beer from one of the best known craft brewers ever in Colorado.

“Oasis Brewing got started back in 1991 up in Boulder,” said the brewery’s founder George Hanna.

But 12 years later, Hanna sold the nationally award-winning brewery and started traveling.

“Then a couple of years ago, my son and son-in-law decided they wanted to get back in the business,” Hanna said. “So, they rattled my cage. I pulled out the old recipes and here we are.

Oasis was and once again will be known for its Egyptian themed, English-style, drinkable brews with a four to five percent alcohol content.

For the phoenix to rise again, so to speak, Hanna and his family needed a brew house. And not just any old or new building would do.

So he turned to the 4,000 square foot space in the Highlands.

“The building deserves some attention and longevity,” Hanna said. “It`s been a neighborhood focus for decades.”

But until recently the Beth Eden Baptist church had been run down. The brick walls were even covered with plaster.

So Hanna and his crew restored it. They added a bar and taps.

“This is a spectacular space,” Hanna said. “The fact that it was a church, people have asked, do you think that`s a sacrilege or whatever? And as I said, they`ve been making beer and wine in churches all over the world for decades.

And this spring, Oasis will be making it in the mile high city.