CDOT releases plans to update problematic Conifer intersection

CONIFER, Colo. -- The Colorado Department of Transportation said it has updated a design for a problematic intersection in Conifer and is waiting on funding to make the changes.

Drivers said the intersection of Highway 285 and Kings Valley Drive is confusing and dangerous.

Tony Pirotelli said he has seen numerous accidents at the intersection.

He said the problem is drivers merging onto the highway don't have enough time to speed up to match the speed of the cars already on the highway because the merge lane is too short.

Pirotelli also said there are too many lanes and cars that drivers need to pay attention to while they're moving through the intersection.

"It’s set up for disaster," Pirotelli said. "It’s too much to process all at once."

CDOT said it hopes to implement a "grade separated interchange" near the existing intersection that would come with an overpass and ramps to merge on and off the highway.

The project will cost $8 million to $10 million. It's currently not funded.

Pirotelli said in the meantime, he'd like to see CDOT lower the speed limit on Highway 285.

"It isn’t just the road. Drivers are also partly responsible. But get a better road and you’ll get better drivers," Pirotelli said.

CDOT said it continues to seek and pursue construction funding opportunities