Sinking floor, swaying balcony concern residents at condo complex

DENVER -- A sinking floor and swinging balcony are causing problems at the Monaco Place Condominiums in Denver.

One owner said his floor is “sinking,” and another says his balcony is at risk of crashing to the ground.

At first, Roman Bay didn’t know what to think about his wrinkling carpet, shaky floor and creeping cracks in his condo located on South Monaco Place near East Hampden Avenue and Monaco Parkway.

It turns out, he said, his floor in the second-story condo is sinking.

Bay said there there are small dips and potholes in his floor caused by the removal of a support beam in the unit below him.

“There are cracks all over the place," Bay's mother Marina said. "It’s cracking. It’s unstable. It can potentially create a huge problem for the whole building.”

A person who answered the door in the downstairs unit shut the door when there was an attempt to ask questions.

The Bays say their HOA hired an engineering firm which determined, "No beams or other structural framing was noted to be installed to replace the original load bearing walls.”

But so far, the problems have not been fixed.

A sinking floor is not the only problem at Monaco Place.

Brett Attee said he’s “complained about this unit and balcony many times before.”

Attee fears his balcony will come crashing down at any moment.

“I’ve asked them many times and they say they’re going to get to it but nothing ever happens," he said. "It’s been going on for seven years and I’ve been told they are going to take care of it and nothing’s ever been done."

Attee and the Bays say they continue to ask their HOA for help getting their problems fixed.

The Bays add the HOA has been trying, but time, they fear, is running out.

The city of Denver is getting involved. An inspector said he’s investigating to see if there are code violations.

“We appreciate the attention that you have brought to these issues," Monaco Place Condominiums spokesman Andrew Fortin said in a statement.

"We will continue to work with the residents and the board to find a resolution to their concerns.”