5-year-olds surprise Colorado deputies

HIGHLANDS RANCH --  A classroom full of 5-year-olds from Primrose School of Highland Ranch Business Park honored law enforcement in a special way this week.

They did so to show their support for fallen deputies Zach Parrish and Heath Gumm.

"With all of the sad news stories about the deputies in our area. Our teachers wanted to bring that lesson home for the kids since it’s happening in their neighborhood," said Catherine Bailey, an Education Coach at the school.

The group of pre-schoolers and kindergartners surprised members of the Douglas County Sheriff's Department with cards and gift bags full of goodies.

"One of the big things we believe in here is what you know is important but who you are is also important," Bailey said. "So we want to teach these kids that while you know a lot of great things, being a good person and helping a person in need is AMAZING!"