Tech Review – Yi Lite Action Camera

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It’s no secret that GoPro is the de-facto standard when it comes to strapping a camera to your helmet, bike or car.  They basically invented the category!  These days though, you have a ton of alternative options.  I took the affordable Yi Lite Action Camera for a test.


The first thing everyone says when I show them the Yi Lite Action Camera is, “wow, this looks like a GoPro.”  That’s true, it is very similar in form factor to a GoPro.  Many action cameras are.  The power/record button is on the top, micro-USB port on the side, battery slot on the bottom and a touchscreen on the back.  The screen is “good enough” quality.  It’s not the best screen I’ve seen but it’s perfect for changing settings and doing a quick review of video that you shot.

On the bottom of the Yi is a standard tripod screw hole.  THANK YOU!  My biggest frustration with GoPro is that you need special GoPro accessories or an adapter to a standard tri-pod mount.  Not so with the Yi.  Any standard accessory (mini tripods, car mounts, etc) will work with the Yi.

Video Quality

The Yi has a ton of video and photo settings.  It shoots pictures up to 16 Megapixels and captures video in 4K (20 fps), 1440 (30 fps), 1080 (60 fps), 720 (120fps).  In my testing it takes good video but not as good as a GoPro.  I noticed that it got grainy in dark situations.  I think this is the biggest weakness of the Yi Lite.  Don’t expect great video in low-light situations.

I do like that it also has a timelapse video or photo setting so you can take timelapse videos without any post processing required.  It also has a slow motion option for those fun slow-mo action shots!


At the end of the day, this Yi Lite Action Camera can’t match up to even the cheapest GoPro.  The video quality simple isn’t as good.  With that said, most of us wouldn’t notice the difference in well-lit situations.  If you want an action camera for you or you kid but don’t want to drop $300, this is the perfect solution!  At $100 it’s hard to go wrong with the Yi Lite Action Camera.  It’s packed with features, has a great touch screen interface and HD video that will prove good enough for most users.

The Yi Lite Action Camera is $100 on Amazon.

You can also get it with a waterproof case for $120 also on Amazon.

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