High-tech taxis shuttle passengers in popular Teslas

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DENVER -- Tesla. State-of-the-art in automobile technology. From 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds, it will get you where you are going fast, and in style, if you can flip the $125,000 price tag, that is.

That’s where business entrepreneur Kyle Ewing comes in. He created Teslyne.

Teslyne is a 100 percent electric private car service in Colorado that takes you to and from any location within the state," he said.

What’s a Tesla?

“It’s the coolest thing to hit the automotive industry since rolling wheels," Ewing said.

Ewings high-tech taxis feature all the time all wheel drive, falcon wing doors and auto pilot.

“There are cameras in the windshield and that is viewing the cars and the pedestrians and dogs and the trees around you and it’s avoiding those obstacles. Also, there are a whole bunch of sensors up in the front bumper.”

Right now in Colorado it is not legal for a car to go full auto. That is Ewings ultimate goal for his fledgling company.

So, in the meantime, just sit back, relax and have Teslyne take you someplace very special in there very special car.

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