Double homicide worries neighbors as crime spikes

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DENVER -- There are questions and concerns about an event center where two people were killed over the weekend.

Crime in the neighborhood has been on the rise and the Denver Police Department said it's doing the best to fight it.

The Eritrean Community in Colorado Event Center is off of Leetsdale Drive and South Monaco Parkway.

People who live near the center say it's causing problems, and they are worried things will only get worse.

"It's just sad when you have children and wondering if there is going to be a stray bullet going through your house or is you kid going to get shot in his sleep. It's just crazy," resident Bryan Stevens said.

What happened Sunday morning stirred even more anxiety.  Two people were shot and killed another injured at Eritrean, a former strip center people describe as a nightclub.

"We're always concerned about safety of the neighborhood," resident Janice Urbach said. "We've seen a lot of police patrolling in the last months, which is excellent."

Police began saturating the neighborhood after what Denver Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman describes as an uptick in crime in the area.

"Well, I think there are things to be concerned about," Susman said. "But i don't see it as a trend. Now there has been an uptick in a neighborhood called Washington Virgina Vale. But it's thefts of items from cars and it has been burglary."

Susman describes what happened at the Eritrean as an unusual event.

In the past 10 months, police have been called to the event center eight times, including calls for everything from an assault, a disturbance, a narcotics violation and several noise complaints.

Attempts to reach the event center owner was unsuccessful.

For now, people in the neighborhood are hoping something is done to help make the neighborhood more quiet and safe.

Susman said police have told her they are hoping to have new information about the suspects on Tuesday.

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