Underwater hockey makes a splash in Denver

DENVER -- For 15 years in Colorado, they come to splash and play, and compete underwater.

Believe it or not, they are playing hockey. They say the sport of underwater hockey started in the 1950s by some bored underwater British divers.

The rules are quite similar to hockey, except, you’re playing underwater.

The underwater hockey club in Denver is co-ed and the president of the club, Tyera Eulberg, says it’s a level playing field below the waves.

Dan Daru covers a story about underwater hockey

The equipment used is a lot less then they would need playing ice hockey. Snorkel, goggles, swim fins, and yes, a Speedo for the men, is all you need.

And, of course, being an excellent swimmer would not hurt.

If you’re a swimmer, and looking for a new game to play in the waves, perhaps underwater hockey is for you. That’s if, of course, you’re not opposed to wearing a tight fitting Speedo.