Judge denies defense’s DNA request in deaths of Shanann Watts, daughters
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Boozy Milkshakes

Recipes from Steuben's.
Double Double
1.5oz Jim Beam Bourbon
.5oz vanilla syrup
spoonful of malt powder
Vanilla Soft Serve
To make: add bourbon, vanilla syrup,
and 1 spoonful of malt powder to mixing tin, fill with
Vanilla soft serve, blend, pour into shaker tin
Garnish: Whipped cream, waffle crisp, cherry
Tasting Notes: This shake is a blast of delicious vanilla from the soft serve and the bourbon adds a tasty, boozy bite. We add a vanilla wafer garnish for a good crunch!
.75 oz Crème de Menth
.75 oz Crème de Cacao
Swirl Soft Serve
To make: add crème de menth and crème de cacao
 to mixing tin, fill with swirl soft serve,
blend, pour into shaker tin
Garnish: mint sprig,
sprinkle of Oreo crumb,
whipped cream. 
Tasting Notes: A huge favorite, the Grasshopper is classic mint shake with plenty of chocolate to balance it out. Fresh herbs on top add to mint aroma and lifts the creme de menthe. ​