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10-year-old Kansas City boy answers knock on door, then witnesses his mother’s death

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police are looking for the man who shot and killed a 31-year-old mother after her 10-year-old son answered the door Wednesday night.

Aunt Rachel Johnson tells WDAF the gunshots that killed La Shonda Myers were so loud that the 10-year-old boy is still having trouble hearing.

Myers and her son were home alone when they received an unexpected visitor.

Her sister said the boy answered the door and a man asked if he could speak to somebody, so he went to get his mother.

"His mama came around the corner, and the next thing you know, he said he seen him just pull out and pow, pow. I don't understand. I really don't," Mynesha Myers said.

Myers' son called 911 but couldn't do anything else to help his mom, according to her sister. He called for help and waited. His mother died at the door of her home.

"I was just at a loss. I felt empty I felt breathless cause this young lady takes care of her kids. She is not out here in the streets doing anything to make anyone want to do something like this to her, so I just don't understand," Johnson said.

"She really didn't do anything. She was what they call a square. You know she is not out there partying. She goes to work, takes care of her kids."

Myers went into the Job Corps where she studied culinary arts.  After that, Myers became a pharmacy tech and worked as a CNA at Myers Nursing and Convalescent Center in Kansas City.

"She was always proud of herself. Loved to take little pictures of her little diplomas, take pictures with her kids with her little cap and gown," Mynesha Myers said.