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Tech Review: VAVA Dash Cam & Voom 22 Speakers

It’s not easy to break into the tech industry.  Just ask the countless companies that have tried and failed to compete against the likes of Samsung, LG, Apple and others.  With online shopping becoming more popular and retail shelf space becoming less important, new tech companies could have a better chance.

VAVA is a company working to do just that.  They are selling a selection of speakers, headphones, dash cams and even kitchen appliances.  I tested out 2 of their newest products.

VAVA Dash Cam - $130

Dash cameras are becoming more and more popular these days as a way to cover your butt if you get into an accident.  VAVA's take steps it up a bit with some additional features compared to the competition.

First and foremost the included mount is awesome.  It's a combination of micro-suction cups (feels like adhesive without being permanent) and a large suction cup.  Once you put this thing into place, it's going to take some muscle to get it off your windshield.  In other words, it's  not going to fall into your dash when you're driving.  The camera itself has a magnet that connects to the mount. This is nice because it allows you to swivel the camera.  You can have it point out the window when you're driving and then face it into the car when you're parked.  If you have a teen driver you could face it inside the car to make sure they're not driving distracted.

There is also a GPS antenna built into the power cable.  This allows the camera to track location and speed.  A nice touch and a great piece of info if you get into an accident.

The most important element of any dash camera is the quality of the video.  The VAVA does a great job of capturing clear HD 1080 quality video.  If something happens and you need that video as evidence, you want it to be clear.  The lens is also a nice wide angle lens so it is likely to capture most of what you see out the windshield.

The smartphone app was just updated with a new look and interface.  It's pretty self-explanatory although connecting to the camera's wi-fi wasn't exactly easy.  I like the option of downloading videos from the camera wirelessly but I feel like bluetooth (despite being slower) would be an easier option for most people.  With the VAVA you have to manually go into your WIFI settings and connect to the camera's WIFI hotspot.

Overall, the VAVA Dash Cam is one of the best dash cameras I have tested and well worth the $130 price tag.  Beware of cheap-o dash cameras under $50.  You often get what you pay for.  Spend the extra money and get a camera like the VAVA with HD video that will save your butt when something happens.

VAVA Voom 22 Bluetooth Speakers - $130 / $220 (pair)

Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen these days.  There are SO many options ranging in price from a couple of dollars to hundreds of dollars.  It takes a unique feature for any speaker to stand out from the crowd.  VAVA's Voom 22 speaker stands out not only as a larger, high-quality speaker but also because two Voom 22's can be paired together for stereo sound.  Unfortunately in the world of bluetooth speakers the importance of seperated stereo sound is often lost.

The Voom 22 pair of speakers required 0 setup.  I pulled them out of the box, plugged them and turned them on.  They automatically connected to each other.  A simple bluetooth connect (aux in is also available) and I was ready to rock and roll.

The sound from the Voom 22 is loud, crisp and packs some decent bass.  You can break the speakers apart and use them individually but frankly the beauty of this set is in having true stereo sound.

I really like the Voom 22 but I wish it had "smart" capabilities.  I feel like paying $200+ for a set of speakers that doesn't have WI-FI and some sort of smart abilities (Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa) might be a stretch for some people.  None the less, this is a cool set of speakers that rises above most other standard bluetooth speakers out there.