Cause of death investigated for Shanann Watts, 2 daughters
Latest updates: Homicides of Shanann Watts, daughters

Family’s belongings lost after mother’s suicide

DENVER -- Antonio Smith wipes away tears as he describes his loving mother, Vanessa.

“She was such a loving mother, I just wish I could have her back," the 14-year-old said.

“She would give anything to help somebody out," Vanessa’s brother Samuel Kelley said.

Kelley said his sister committed suicide on Sunday after receiving devastating news.

“The doctor said if she delivered this baby there was a 90 percent chance that her and the baby would not make it so that severely depressed her and she took her own life," Kelley said.

Her sister Christine said she can’t believe this tragedy occurred.

“She was such a loving person, she was so outgoing," she said.

Vanessa’s husband Vincent tearfully explained, “I loved her with all my heart."

He discovered her body at the Adams City Apartments in Brighton, left, then returned the next morning only to find their belongings in a dumpster.

Her son’s PlayStation and a flat-screen television were missing.

“Our Social Security cards, our lease, our marriage license,  everything we own thrown in a dumpster," he said.

The landlord said he had no choice but to move the belongings because of complaints from neighbors.

But the family disagrees with that explanation. The landlord agreed to replace Vanessa’s son’s PlayStation.

Although it is a gesture, the family said it is not enough to compensate them for the loss of so much, including precious keepsakes and clothing.

The family is struggling to cover funeral expenses for Vanessa and her baby.

GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family.

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