Aurora toddler survives long fall off apartment balcony

AURORA, Colo. -- A 2-year-old Aurora boy cheated death, and now his family, friends and doctors are calling him a miracle.

Messiah Galligan fell more than 20 feet off the third-story balcony of an apartment complex and onto concrete. He survived a fractured skull, but is expected to make a full recovery.

"They say he's very blessed. There were angels that had him. It was God that had him wrapped in his wing," said the toddler's mother, Shaoni McClain.

Messiah somehow slid through the slats on a railing while his mom and aunt were moving a headboard up the stairs.

He was knocked unconscious. Bashaa Belt lives next door and heard the screaming. She called 911.

"I was freaking out and really hoping he was OK. He had a huge bump on the back of his head," Belt said.

The family and neighbors want their landlord at the Red Sky Condominiums to rebuild the railing with smaller gaps.

The 7-inch gaps are not up to current code, which allows for gaps around 4 inches wide. However, the wider gap was allowed when the railing was first built in 1979, so the building is grandfathered in.

"I feel like if one of us adults fell down there, I don't think we would make it," McClain said.

Messiah was released from the hospital on Tuesday and is expected to make a full recovery.

The property manager referred us to a lawyer for comment.