Denver summit addresses gentrification after controversial coffee shop sign

Gentrification summit in Denver

DENVER — People packed a church Saturday to talk about the effects of gentrification on Denver neighborhoods.

The event was sponsored by Denver CAN (Community Action Network).  The Gentrification Summit was held at the Shorter Community AME Church on Richard Allen Court.

Organizers say their goal included helping people learn how to take back their neighborhoods and to connect people to affordable housing.

Gentrification takes place when middle class or affluent people move into deteriorating areas and poorer residents are displaced.

Saturday’s gentrification summit grew in response to the Ink! Coffee sign that caused a huge controversy in the Five Points neighborhood.

One of the summit’s organizers, Reverend Timothy Tyler said, “The goal was to discuss an issue that politicians have not been wiling to talk about and give a voice to the people so that the people can talk about how we can stop the negative effects of gentrification.”

The summit follows a Facebook live event held by Michael Hancock on Thursday which addressed gentrification.  Denver CAN said the event was an attempt to upstage their weekend event.

The mayor told FOX31 he would not be attending Saturday’s summit.