IRS: Americans need to check tax calculator to make sure paychecks are correct

DENVER -- As the U.S. implements major changes to its tax system, the Internal Revenue Service said it's ultimately up to employees to utilize the IRS tax calculator to make sure their paychecks reflect the new adjustments.

Employers are being told to make sure their employees see bigger paychecks by mid-February.

However, in rushing the process, employers are relying on outdated forms. Thus, the IRS said ultimately, employees need to use the IRS calculator to make sure their withholdings are correct.

While it sounds daunting, tax expert Sharon Lassar said it's not complicated.

"People shouldn’t be nervous," Lassar said.

Lassar, the University of Denver's director of the School of Accountancy, said the tax calculator collects the same information as a W-4, the form people fill out when they start a new job.

"Most people forget they’ve had to go through this calculation," Lassar said. "Don’t be afraid about going online. There is a lot of help out there."

The IRS said its tax calculator on its website is temporarily unavailable as it gets adjusted to reflect the new changes.

If people choose to use other calculators available online, Lassar said you should never input your personal information into them.