ICE detains boyfriend of woman living in church sanctuary

BOULDER, Colo. -- Immigration officials have detained an undocumented immigrant in Denver.

Eliseo Jurado-Fernandez is the longtime boyfriend of Ingrid Encalda Latorre and the father of her kids. Encalda Latorre is an undocumented immigrant from Peru living in sanctuary inside a Boulder church.

At a gathering in Boulder on Thursday, Encalda Latorre said Fernandez came to the U.S. from Mexico when he was 13.

She said he did not have an ongoing case with immigration. She believes he was targeted because of her ongoing legal immigration problems.

“It broke my heart. Really ... I never expected that they would go after him because he is not in trouble with the law. There is no order for his arrest. No reason for them to detain him,” she said.

In a statement, Immigration and Customs Enforcement CE said Jurado-Fernandez came to their attention after Encalda Latorre's case and that he has four criminal convictions.

“Contrary to misguided speculation, ICE did not target Jurado-Fernandez in retaliation for Encalada Latorre taking sanctuary from deportation in a Colorado church," ICE said.

"In accordance with its critical public safety mission. ICE targets criminal aliens whenever and however they come to our attention.”