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Kelly Clarkson opens up about decision to spank her kids

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Kelly Clarkson has revealed that she is “not above” spanking when it comes to disciplining her two young children

“I’m not above a spanking, which people aren’t necessarily into and I don’t mean like hitting her hard, I just mean a spanking,” Clarkson told 98.9 The Buzz in Rochester, New York, recently.

Clarkson has two children, ages 3 and 1. But Clarkson understands that her view is not shared by everyone.

“So that’s a tricky thing when you’re out in public, ’cause then people are like, you know, they think that’s wrong or something, but I find nothing wrong with a spanking,” she said.

“I warn her. I’m like, ‘Hi, I’m gonna spank you on your bottom if you don’t stop right now. Like, this is ridiculous.’”

She added that spanking was part of her childhood and that her mom would even give the principal of her school permission to spank her.

“My parents spanked me an I did fine in life and I feel fine about it,” the 35-year-old said.

“I’m from the South, y’all, so we get spankings. My mom would call the principal if I ever ended up in the principal’s office and give permission for her to spank me … I’m a well-rounded individual with a lot of character, so I think it’s fine.”

A recent ABC News poll found 65 percent of Americans approve of spanking — but the rate is highest among people in the South.