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2 Denver officers recognized for going above and beyond while helping people

DENVER -- A local nonprofit organization recognized two Denver police officers for their acts of kindness.

Citizens Appreciate Police was formed in 1978 to recognize the good work of officers who go above and beyond the call of duty.

Denver police technician Amy Esten and officer Tara Moxin received the quarterly award.

Esten used her own money to help a domestic violence victim fly to Atlanta to get her children out of protective custody.

“It’s always really nice to be recognized. I was just happy to get this girl home to her family,” she said.

Moxon is credited for befriending a 97-year-old Denver woman who lived alone and had no family nearby.

Moxon would visit Betty regularly, made repairs at her home and even took her to a concert.

“It is a great blessing to be honored. To me, it's just what I would've done whether I was an officer or not," she said. "Being an officer gives me more opportunity to meet people like Betty. I love what I do because of people like Betty."

Denver police Chief Robert White said these officers do this “without seeking attention or recognition. They put their personal time and money into this. It makes us all look good in our police department. Tara and Amy, we are proud of you and you represent us all well.”

Each recipient of the CAP award gets a pin for their uniform and a plaque. Since it began, more than 400 officers have received the award.