Sheriff releases unedited body camera video of deputy ambush

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. -- Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock released unedited body camera video on Tuesday of a deadly deputy ambush that occurred on the morning of New Year's Eve.

FOX31 has decided not to air or post the videos in their entirety.

The body camera video of deputy Zackari Parrish from around 3 a.m. on Dec. 31 shows him and other deputies responding to a nuisance call at Matthew Riehl’s apartment.

Riehl is seen on the body camera video. He does not comply with standard requests from deputies such as asking for his name.

Former Denver police officer John Adsit is not a tactical expert but someone who has been on calls just such as the one deputies in Douglas County initially faced with Riehl.

Deputies returned to the apartment after 5 a.m. with the goal of placing Riehl in what's called a mental health hold.

Body camera video shows the deputies moving away clutter from a hallway leading to Riehl’s bedroom.

“They have a little bit more concern at this point," Adsit said as he watched the video moments before footage showed shots being fired. "There’s a shield that they’ve brought in.”

Riehl began shooting from inside his bedroom -- behind a closed door -- catching deputies off-guard.

Parrish was hit instantly and could be seen falling to the ground while his fellow deputies -- Mike Doyle, Jeff Pelle and Taylor Davis -- retreated.

Once realizing Parrish was down, the other three deputies -- who also had been hit by gunfire -- went back into the apartment. Doyle attempted to aid Parrish.

“What an amazing hero," Adsit said. "[Doyle] did what all of us would hope to do in a situation like that."

Riehl, though, continued firing, forcing the other three deputies to get out of the apartment. Once outside, Doyle, wounded himself, tended to Pelle.

The videos also show SWAT officers' response to the scene standing guard outside the apartment complex before Riehl was killed.

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