Ohio postal carriers say aggressive turkeys stopping mail service

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio -- Postal carriers say a rafter of aggressive wild turkeys has prevented them from delivering mail to more than two dozen homes in a Cleveland suburb.

Cellphone video from about a month ago shows a brood of wild turkeys in Rocky River coming after Dave Liberatore while he was walking his dog.

“My wife was about 20 feet ahead of me telling me to go faster than I was and I probably should have been listening,” Liberatore said.

Over the past couple months, neighbors in the area say the turkeys have become increasingly aggressive.

“They did that same thing where they kind of lower their head and get some speed going toward you to make sure that you know that they mean business and it worked, I sped up too,” Liberatore said.

But just in the past several days, approximately 20 families in the neighborhood haven’t gotten their mail delivered.

“The mailman who is a really nice guy is having trouble getting to some houses,” Liberatore said.

“He’s not able to deliver at all times because they’ll attack him so we got a notice that we have to go to the post office to pick up our mail,” said another neighbor Chris Lambrinides.

Homeowners got a letter from the city of Rocky River explaining the turkeys were behind their missed mail and, unfortunately, there’s nothing the city can do to get rid of the turkeys.

The city said in the letter the turkeys might be sticking around because there is a food source in the neighborhood -- either from people feeding them or from bird feeders.

The city wants anyone who has a bird feeder to take it down as soon as possible.