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Second dog reported injured at Bear Creek Pet Resort; state investigating

LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- Bear Creek Pet Resort, a pet boarding facility in Lakewood, is under investigation by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

The investigation comes as the facility at 3225 S. Wadsworth Blvd. faces allegations of negligence by the owners of two dogs.

Wesley Morris, the owner of an American bulldog mix, said Wednesday his dog was severely injured on Christmas at the facility.

Morris reported the attack less than a week after the owners of a German short-haired pointer reported their dog was attacked and injured at the same facility.

“She’s got the drainage tubes in her leg now,” Morris said.

The tubes, placed in Ava the dog are being used to relieve pressure after a surgery to save the leg.

“[The owner] called me and he was like there’s a puncture wound,” Morris said. “Your dog was in a fight.”

Morris was called by the kennel while out of state on vacation.

“If he would’ve told me my dog was going to be like this -- I would’ve been a wreck the entire way home,” Morris said.

Bear Creek Pet Resort took Ava to a veterinarian, according to a statement provided by the kennel.

Since the attack, Morris said he’s had to dish out hundreds of dollars in vet bills. Morris signed a document that waives Bear Creek Pet Resort of liability for medical costs.

Still, he’s upset the kennel won’t pay the vet bills in full given the extent of Ava’s injuries.

The Colorado Department of Agriculture confirmed that Bear Creek Pet Resort is the subject of an ongoing investigation.

The agency will not comment on specific allegations until the investigation is complete.

Morris is considering taking legal options against Bear Creek Pet Resort.

Bear Creek Pet Resort issued a statement on Wednesday.

“We are extremely sorry that Ava, a pitbull, got hurt while in our care. Ava was the aggressor in an altercation with another powerful dog and was severely injured. Mr. Morris was informed immediately while waiting to board his flight back to Denver in Atlanta. We rushed Ava to WheatRdge Animal Hospital, on Christmas Day, where she was treated for multiple puncture wounds. She also received stitches for a wound under her shoulder. She left vet care with two prescriptions -- one for pain, the other an antibiotic.

Mr. Morris was kept apprised of all of our actions. Every client, whether daycare or boarding, signs a contract with us indicating they are responsible for their own vet bills should their dog become injured in our care. Despite this, I offered to reduce Mr. Morris's boarding bill by 25 percent and to split the vet bill ($400). Mr. Morris refused the reduction, paid his boarding bill in full and refused to pay his vet bill. I did not press the issue.

We strive to ensure the safety of all of the dogs in our care. This incident lasted less than 15 seconds and all the dogs were immediately separated. Ava was the only one that required medical attention.

Again, we would like to express our condolences to Mr. Morris.”