Non traditional learning at EDGE

What do you remember about high school, is it the dances, the dates, maybe that one teacher who stood out? Creators of EDGE at legend High School want their students to remember everything about their education. Dan Simington, Director of EDGE Learning and two of his students Enzo Ewari and Emily Tate, came in studio to share what makes their education so different. Math, Science, English and Language skills translate into real life experiences. Students are required to do internships and to create projects for exhibition nights where they share their learning with parents and the public. Students develop and apply real-world success skills. The ideal EDGE student should be energized by learning beyond the mere notion of the "grade," as students will be challenged to engage in creative thinking processes and empowered to find solutions for the problems of today and tomorrow. If you are interested in becoming an EDGE student or contributing to the program as a business owner go to or call 303- 387-4515.