University of Wyoming police report details downward spiral of Douglas County shooter

LARAMIE, Wyo. — The University of Wyoming on Tuesday released a police incident report from early November detailing the paranoid and erratic behaviors of Douglas County shooter Matthew Riehl.

The report, created after Riehl targeted university faculty and staff with hate-filled online posts, stated Riehl’s brother told police that Riehl was bipolar and had a manic breakdown four months earlier.

The brother, Peter Riehl, said Matthew Riehl had refused all contact with his family, according to the report.

Peter Riehl, who at the time said he last had contact with Matthew on Oct. 14, said his brother did not exhibit violent or threatening behavior in the past.

Matthew’s mom, Susan Riehl, told university police her son would send derogatory emails to her and he called her names.

She told police in November that her son had been off his medication and suffered post-traumatic stress disorder from a military deployment in 2009.

Susan Riehl said her son would often use his law degree to intimidate people, according to the report. She added that her son felt smarter than others and treated confrontation as a game.

The police report also states that a supervisor from the Highlands Ranch Walmart said Riehl walked off his job at the store and filed a complaint with the corporation that was “unsubstantial.”

Just more than a month before the New Year’s Eve shooting, Lone Tree police Cpl. Michael Wagner said he attempted to locate Riehl to check on his well-being.

On Nov. 21, Wagner told the University of Wyoming Police Department the effort was not made because police in Lone Tree had recently made contact with Riehl and issued him a citation.

Lone Tree police told authorities in Wyoming it issued a statewide bulletin concerning Riehl “so that other officers in the state would be aware of the situation,” according to the University of Wyoming police report.

Lone Tree police released a timeline of their interactions with Riehl during the last year-and-a-half.