Ohio man sets record for most consecutive days eating at Chipotle

TIFFIN, Ohio — An Ohio man set a record for the most consecutive days eating at Chipotle.

Bruce Wayne, of Tiffin, Ohio, has enjoyed an entree at his local Chipotle for the past 426 days.

The Denver-based chain celebrated the milestone by presenting Wayne with a custom-made Chipotle superhero cape and cuff-links — a nod to his love for Batman and the burrito chain.

The restaurant will also donate the money he has spent over the course of his journey to a nonprofit of his choice.

“Day after day we’re committed to serving our customers the most delicious, real ingredients we can find and it’s great to see a customer like Bruce is as committed to us as we are to him,” said Chris Arnold, communications director at Chipotle.

“While this might not be everybody’s New Year’s Resolution for 2018, it certainly shows that our menu of real and fresh ingredients offers something for everyone — even superheroes.

Wayne started the challenge on Oct. 30, 2016, and he learned the previous record was 425 straight days of Chipotle, the Dayton Daily News reports.

Wayne said he has no plans to stop.

His entire journey is documented on his personal Instagram account.