Golden retriever unwraps adorable new puppy for Christmas

ORTONVILLE, Mich. — Nobody was happier in Michigan on Christmas than a golden retriever who got exactly what he wanted: A new puppy.

The 12-year-old dog named Cash has seemed a little lonely since his best friend, Rosie, died suddenly a few years ago, WJBK reports.

“He’s been the best dog we’ve ever had,” his owner Marie Ahonen told WJBK. “When (Rosie) died, he just kinda seemed lost. He slept 23 1/2 hours a day. He just needed more excitement in his life.”

So for Christmas Ahonen decided to give Cash a brand new puppy — and captured the adorable moment on camera.

Her husband, Jay, walks in with the box and as soon as the top comes off, there’s pure joy on Cash’s face and his tail starts wagging like crazy as the two quickly bond.

“He was so excited when the puppy popped out of the box,” Ahonen told The Daily Mail. “I knew he would be good [with another dog], but I never expected the reaction of pure joy — I had tears watching him.

“There’s now so much joy and sparkle in Cash’s eyes, he’s got a new lease of life. They’ve been best buds ever since.”

Ahonen decided to name the new puppy Jennings, after the famous country star Waylon Jennings.

Cash and Jennings are getting along nicely, Ahonen said.

“Cash is teaching him the best way to be a dog,” he said.