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Neighbors of gunman in deputy ambush speak about terror after gunfire broke out

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. -- Neighbors who were just a feet away from a New Year’s Eve morning shooting that killed one sheriff’s deputy and wounded six other people are talking about the moments the bullets started flying.

“Ah, they were pretty loud,” said Connie Wetchie, who lives adjacent to the shooter, Matthew Riehl. “I thought it was a machine gun. That’s what I thought.”

Wetchie, her boyfriend and three children were in their apartment sleeping when she heard the shots.

“I just went and grabbed them off their bed," Wetchie said. “I literally peeled them off their bed and they woke up from a dead sleep and were like what the heck, they just got thrown on the ground.”

She said the shooting went on for a few minutes. During that time, Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock said Riehl fired more than 100 rounds from a rifle.

He shot and killed deputy Zackari Parrish and hurt six other deputies, including Taylor Davis, who took cover by Wetchie’s window.

“Right outside my window, literally eight feet from the window, there as a police officer sitting there," Wetchie said. "She was a woman and she was shot.”

Wetchie and her family were kept out of her apartment for about a day, but are now safe and sound at home.