Dog owner outraged with boarding facility after Rottweiler attack

LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- A Colorado couple returning home from vacation got quite the surprise on Tuesday.

Their German Shorthaired Pointer was attacked and injured by a Rottweiler at Bear Creek Pet Resort in Lakewood.

Photo: KDVR

Chacier Warhurst said he and his wife noticed their dog was bleeding profusely after picking him up from the kennel.

The business confirmed the couple’s Pointer was attacked by a Rottweiler. Warhurst said he wasn’t notified about the attack until after he picked up his dog named Frank.

“We turned on the light in our car and noticed he was bleeding,” Warhurst said.

Frank suffered an open wound on his ear and paw. The injuries were severe enough for a trip to the veterinarian.

Photo: KDVR

“In order to treat the wound, we did have to place some sutures in the ear,” Dr. Tim Bills said.

Bear Creek Pet Resort operations manager Justin Gillispie said he saw the encounter between Frank and Duke the Rottweiler.

“What happened was Frank went to mount Duke while Duke was trying to sleep,” Gillispie said.

Warhurst said he was eventually told the attack occurred at 2:30 p.m., but he wasn’t notified until after picking Frank up more than four hours later.

He and his wife are still waiting on an apology from the company for not properly treating their “four-legged child.”

They also say dealing with the owner, a man known as Gunner, has not been easy.

“We asked him why he didn’t let us know and he said because the injury wasn’t life threatening,” Warhurst said.

Gillispie admits the couple should have been told about the injuries before they left the boarding facility. Not telling them was the receptionist’s fault, according to Gillispie.

“I’ve scolded that receptionist very, very venomously because that’s not OK,” Gillispie said. “You talk to the owners.”

The Warhursts have posted a negative Yelp review for Bear Creek Pet Resort. They say Gunner has threatened a lawsuit over the review.

A lawyer representing the business said legal action is not currently being considered.

Frank is expected to be OK.