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Someone doing ‘donuts’ damages field between 2 Denver schools

DENVER – When more than a thousand Denver elementary and middle school students go to back to class in the near year, they’re going to find their playground at Hill-Steck Park is a little different. That’s because someone did donuts on them and tore up the fields over the holiday weekend.

“It looks like someone drove their car out into the middle of the field then were driving really fast around and tore up the grass, which is a big bummer,” said Eva Tourangeau.

She attended Steck Elementary and Hill Middle schools, is now in college and is home for the holidays. And she couldn’t believe what she saw when she walked by her old soccer fields Tuesday afternoon.

“It looks like it's a lot torn up,” Tourangeau said. “ I'm sure that'll take a long time for them to fix. That's too bad. Just for a couple moments of fun for somebody.”

Drone video shows the extent of the vandalism. Tire tracks and exposed dirt now litter the once green fields.

Denver Public Schools says the schools’ security cameras didn’t catch whoever did the donuts, but insurance will pay for the repairs.

“It's a little sad,” said Harley Opsahl, who lives in the Hilltop neighborhood and walks her dogs by the park almost every day. “The grass is normally really well cared for.”