Christmas season has been good for retail sales at brick and mortar stores

DENVER -- This Christmas shopping season consumers gave retail sales a Christmas bonus.

Rising 4.9 percent from November 1 through Christmas eve, the best numbers since 2011. “Consumer confidence is way up. Traffic has been great. You look around the shopping center today, people still haven’t had enough of shopping and retail and we are delighted to see them," said Nick LeMasters, Cherry Creek shopping center general manager.

Online shopping Rose 18 percent this year, adding considerably to those rocking retail numbers.

But, according to LeMasters, people still want to get up.close and personal with their purchases. “People are still looking for experiences, they want to be in the shopping center, they want to see the merchandise. They want to touch it, they want to feel it, and they just want to place to go,” he said.

Looking for the really big savings? Think seasonal goods. Winter items have to go and make room for, ready for this, spring and summer.

Merry Christmas and happy shopping.