Vietnam vet tells story at Rescue Mission Christmas dinner of how drunk driver changed his life

DENVER -- If you take a casual look at all the faces, you’ll see people looking forward to Christmas dinner at the Denver Rescue Mission. But take a closer look, and you would see there’s a story behind every face.

Such is the case with Glen Barns. He too has a story.

Born May 2, 1941 in Grand Junction, Colorado, he was raised by his grandmother. “I dearly loved the old lady because I could always count on her to help me.“

In 1958 Barns joined the United States Marine Corps and served in Vietnam, “I was with a recon unit. Pretty much out in the bush, you know, from the fire base.“

He left the Marines in 1971 as a gunnery sergeant, no regrets. “Not a one," Barns said.

In 1979 life for Glenn Barns changed forever. His wife and two small children were killed by a drunk driver in Colorado. "When the patrolman came and informed me, you know, it was just like everything shut off. Just like if I was back in the jungle in Nam.”

From ironworker to cowboy to now drifter, Barns takes life one day at a time. “I figured that my family would want me to keep going, so I was doing it for them.“

While the baked ham green beans and pie were appreciated, it was, after all, just another meal.

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