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UPS cargo container that angered neighbors removed from Denver street

DENVER — A temporary UPS hub operation set up on a residential street has been removed after the FOX31 Problem Solvers contacted the city of Denver about the situation Thursday.

Inspectors from the city of Denver checked out a UPS cargo container Friday that people who live in the neighborhood said was a nuisance.

Officials said the big cargo box parked on the street did not have the tag that indicated it had the proper permit to be there. So, the cargo box was removed.

The mini hub operation popped up at the corner of East 30th Avenue and Leyden Street about a week ago.

This neighborhood is between Stapleton and Park Hill.

One neighbor told us it quickly became a hub for UPS trucks and golf carts. Drivers were using the spot to drop off packages for homes in surrounding neighborhoods.

UPS said the goal was to help packages arrive faster during the Christmas rush.

But Michael Sutch said the chaos in front of his home had become a bit too much.

“And then I saw the trucks unloading and loading, throughout the day, into the night. This morning [Thursday] with the snow on the ground they were double parked in the middle of the road.”

UPS told the Problem Solvers Thursday the company only uses golf carts and containers where they are legally permitted.

UPS said it plans to stop its neighborhood hub operations right after Christmas.