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Residents say they are victims of a repeat porch pirate

DENVER - Residents of one neighborhood said they continue to be victimized by the same porch pirate who repeatedly steals things off their front steps.

Julia Esparza lives near Mariposa Street and West 12th Avenue in Denver. She said it first started in August. She said she confronted a man as he was standing on her front step, inspecting her home decor. While he didn't take anything, she took a picture of him and filed a police report.

"It wasn’t as frustrating because he hadn’t taken anything. It was more like me being vigilant to activity like that," said Esparza.

However, since then, Esparza and her neighbors said the same man continues to steal things from their front yards. This week, Esparza said the man stole her family's nativity set. Her neighbor said the man has tried to steal her decorative angels multiple times but she's stopped him. However, she said this week her took her reindeer.

"It’s a little more scary. It makes me more vigilant for anyone who looks at my house. It’s not something I used to do," said Esparza.

Esparza installed a doorbell with a camera since the incident in August. However, with the increase in burglary on her block, she plans to get a more high-tech camera.

"It’s a little frustrating because I wouldn’t want this on my neighbors. I wouldn’t want it on myself," said Esparza.

After the nativity set was stolen, Esparza's aunt and mother saw the man pushing a cart with the nativity set in it. They took a video of the man. Esparza plans to take that video and file another police report.