Commerce City residents can track snow plows with brand new website

COMMERCE CITY, CO-- Commerce City Public Works has launched a new website that will let residents track where snow plows are running through the city.

The site is called Snow Trooper and anyone can access it and track the 11 snow plows and their routes around the city.

"You'll be able to see not only which streets have been plowed, but how recently they’ve been plowed and treated," Travis Huntington, Commerce City spokesperson.

When you navigate the website, there will be two modes.

"What you’ll see is two options, one of them is actually the treatment map that shows where the snow plows have been over the last 24 hours," said Huntington.

The second option is the priority map. The red lines mark the busiest streets that are considered the highest priority for snow plows. The trucks can be tracked by GPS.

"We have three different priority levels that are determined by how busy a street is, how important it is to emergency personnel," said Huntington.

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