Think twice about giving a dog for Christmas, experts warn

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DENVER -- Thousands of dogs across the country will wind up under the tree at Christmas time, figuratively and literally.

So, what possibly could go wrong?

“You could possibly pick the wrong dog," said Pat Andreason, owner of Colorado Dog Academy in Broomfield.

Andreason has been training dogs for over 40 years. He has seen, firsthand, how giving a dog for Christmas can be a disaster.

“Sometimes people think somebody wants to have a puppy but in reality they are not really that interested in a puppy so it isn’t sometimes the best gift to surprise somebody with. You are better off to have a plan," Andreason said.

If you do a little planning before you buy that pup, odds are you are going to keep him a lot longer than January.

That’s exactly why 9-week-old Cooper the Cavapoo is here. He is being trained now, before the big surprise on Christmas.

"Start getting it responding to some of the basic commands so they have a better line of communication with their puppy and they are able to have better control over it.," said Andreason.

Andreason also says picking the right breed is key to happiness with your hound.

“If we pick out a dog that has a tendency for guarding then we are going to have a dog that is going to have a tendency to be aggressive," he said.

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