Arvada neighborhood wages war on storage facilities

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ARVADA, Colo. -- An Arvada neighborhood is fighting a proposed three-story tall, 144,000 square foot storage facility in their subdivision, and it appears they may be winning the battle.

Arvada's City Planning Commission voted 4-2 Tuesday night, to recommend that the city not move forward with plans to build the facility.

Residents of the Whisper Creek subdivision say the Public Storage facility would not only block their mountain views, it would bring increased traffic and safety concerns to their neighborhood.


"We don't need one more storage unit within a five mile radius of us. We have enough already, five within five miles," said Peggy Wagner, a resident who started a petition against the development.

"I just think the building going in there is totally out of character with these
units and some of the housing nearby," added Don Wollenzin, another resident. "It's huge compared to everything else around here."


Don, Peggy, and more than 100 others packed the Arvada Planning Commission Tuesday night to plead with the city to halt the project.

However, the lot is zoned commercial and meets all zoning requirements.

"It's a good neighbor. Heck, I'm probably going to rent space there," said Scott Weisbeck, a resident in favor of the project.

Regardless, the Planning Commission voted against the development, and will recommend that city council not allow it to move forward.

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