Chick-fil-A opens on a Sunday for passengers stranded at Atlanta’s airport

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ATLANTA — Chick-fil-A is famously closed on Sundays, something that was started by the company’s founder, Truett Cathy.

The devout Christian decided in 1946 to close the stores on Sundays for religious reasons and to give employees one set day off a week.

But on Sunday, when a major power outage hit Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the fast food chain sprung into action by providing food for thousands of stranded passengers.

Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy personally helped hand out sandwiches. Chick-fil-A is based in Atlanta.

A fire in a Georgia Power underground electrical facility damaged two substations that serve the airport, including the system that provides backup power.

The power came back on late Sunday night, but hundreds of flights were affected by the blackout.


Flights were also affected Monday, including at Denver International Airport, as the airlines work to get things back on schedule at the world’s busiest airport.