79-year-old loses $10,000 while skiing in Aspen, employees give it back

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ASPEN, Colo. — A man lost $10,000 while skiing on Aspen Mountain last week, the Aspen Times reports.

The 79-year-old carried the $10,000 in a money belt because he didn’t want to leave it at his hotel room.

He had recently moved to Snowmass Village from Florida and was staying in a hotel until he could move into his condominium.

“I’ve never been anywhere where the people are so nice,” the man told the Aspen Times. “They say ‘good morning’ to you, and if they see you carrying something, they lend a hand.’”

He said the cash was intended to be the money he lives on for the next four months because his bank accounts are in Florida, where he maintains a part-time medical practice.

“I told my son that if that would have happened in Florida, you could have kissed it goodbye,” he said.

The man reported it to the guest services department and it turned out ski instructor Steve Schreiber found it and put it in a locker.

“I never looked in it, I just picked it up and gave it to a lift-op and told him I found this and he should hold onto it in case someone asks about it,” Schreiber told the Times.

The man moves into a condo in Snowmass this week and won’t have to take his money belt with him anymore.