Conifer residents worry accidents will continue if intersection doesn’t change

CONIFER, Colo. -- Conifer resident worry accidents will continue at the intersection of Highway 285 and Kings Valley Drive unless major safety improvements are made.

Tony Pirotelli lives in the area and said he prays every time he knows his Dad is going to drive through the intersection.

"I pray for my father every time he comes here," said Pirotelli.

He said he's seen numerous accidents at the intersection of Highway 285 and Kings Valley Drive. He said the problem is drivers merging onto the highway from Kings Valley Drive don't have enough time to speed up to match the speed of the cars already traveling on the highway because the merge lane is too short.

"You’re really taking a risk, it’s too short. You don’t have time to merge," said Pirotelli.

He wants C-DOT to install a traffic light or a roundabout in the intersection.

"They are scared. And I’ve seen and talked to locals that are scared and I’m like, 'OK, this has to be fixed,'" said Pirotelli.

David Long lives across the street from the intersection. He's also seen his share of accidents. He would prefer CDOT install an overpass. He's even willing to sell his property to CDOT if it means improving the intersection.

"I don’t have a problem with that," said Long.

CDOT said the intersection is on its radar and engineers are working on it. It has hosted community meetings to get input from the public. A CDOT spokesperson said a design project is currently underway.