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Idaho Springs man brings reindeer to spread holiday cheer

IDAHO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Rancher, outdoorsman, and animal lover Bill Lee spends just about every waking moment outdoors at his mountain ranch near Idaho Springs.

With burros, llamas, alpacas, dogs, his days are never dull.

But of all the animals in Lee's care, there are two that will catch your eye. Rangifer Taranda, aka the reindeer.

Of all of Lee’s flock, reindeer Cupid 26 and Cupid 27, mother and daughter, have a special place in his heart.

Every year around Christmas time, Lee is a very busy man. He takes his reindeer to visit kids of all ages throughout Colorado.

It’s one thing to read about reindeer and it’s quite another to actually see and pet one.

It’s no surprise Christmas is Lee’s favorite time of the year, and alas, he has to go. Before he left us, the elderly gentleman with the snow white beard and long white hair belts out "Merry Christmas"!