More stores accepting packages to cut down on ‘porch pirates’

DENVER -- Delivery services such as FedEx and UPS have come up with new ways to outsmart "porch pirates."

As the holiday season approaches, "porch pirates" are on the rise across the metro area. In Denver, the number of package thefts are up 40 percent.

That's why more businesses are adding drop-off points so people can have their packages delivered safely.

Businesses such as the Perez Meat Market near Athmar Park in west Denver have had more UPS packages delivered to the sore.

“We didn’t expect this much traffic in our store," said Alejandra Cazares, a clerk at the store.

Somewhere between the pinatas, chicharrones (fried pork skins) and freshly cut meats sit stacks of UPS packages waiting to be picked up.

"We thought it was just going to be a couple of boxes a day maybe," Cazares said. "But there are a lot and we are running out of space so, we need bigger space."

So the UPS access point is adding a shipping and receiving section. People can choose to have their packages dropped off there for safekeeping.

UPS said the program helps keep packages from being stolen off porches.

FedEx has a similar program at major grocery stores and Walgreens locations.

UPS has also installed lockers in places such as the Corner Bakery off Colfax Avenue.

Clerk Jenny Tenenbaum said the lockers blend in so well, they’re kind of hard to see at first. They're tucked in safe corner with a computer that gives access and a security camera.

So with porch thefts on the rise, expect to see more drop-off points soon. Especially at Perez’s Meat Market, where great music and smells of good food are part of the deal.