‘Porch pirates’ on the rise around Denver metro area

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DENVER -- With the holidays in full swing, "porch pirate" thefts continue to hit cities all over the metro area.

The numbers from Denver are the most telling.

In 2016 around this time, the city saw 324 package thefts. So far this year, that number is up more than 40 percent at 457 thefts.

No community is immune. So far this month, police departments have recorded eight stolen packages in Arvada, 13 in Boulder and 33 in Denver.

“My father-in-law recently passed away and I purchased a handmade frame to put up on my wall to remember him and that was stolen too,” Aurora resident Holly Kurrle said. “For everything it was probably around $200.”

Kurrle has surveillance video of a man taking packages filled with Christmas gifts off her porch.

“It’s really sad that someone feels so desperate that they would knowingly steal gifts around Christmas time when a lot of them are for children,” Kurrle said.

The silver lining is nowadays people have cameras to help catch the thieves.

“Two years ago, we barely sold any of these. Now they’re regular every month,” said Lenny Guida with Master Security Center.

People are popping in and out of Guida's shop to get their hands on a surveillance camera.

“They’re frustrated that their packages are getting stolen when they’re buying them from Amazon or whoever,” Guida said.

Police said the biggest reason behind the uptick is online shopping. More packages delivered means more opportunity for thieves.

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