Jefferson County family finds hope in community after devastating house fire

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. -- A family of four that lost everything in a devastating house fire a week ago said the experience has taught them the importance of family and community.

Marie Hughes woke up to see flames outside their bedroom window. She woke up her husband, they got their son and ran outside. When they got out, they realized their dogs were still inside. Keith Hughes turned back to go in, only to find flames shooting out the front of their house.

"The flames were about 30 feet over the house," said Keith Hughes.

The dogs, and almost all their possessions, perished in the flames. Their 14-year-old son was at a sleepover that night, and they're grateful he wasn't home because the roof caved in over his bedroom.

The fire destroyed their home, and damaged their neighbors homes as well. Investigators were not able to determine was caused the fire. In the week since the fire, the Hughes said they've been overwhelmed by the feeling of loss while also finding joy in the community that's risen up to support them.

"It's ironic to look at this and realize everything that we own is gone but everyone we love is here so we may not have anything materialistically but we have so many good people," said Marie Hughes.

A recovery team was able to pull Marie's wedding ring from the ruins. The Hughes also found the pages of all the bibles in their home untouched. As the family sifts through what's left, they are grateful for everyone who has stepped up to help.

"Pretty quick you realize you have everything you really need with your loved ones and the community," said Keith Hughes.

The family has a GoFundMe to help them get back on their feet as well as a fundraiser organized through their church.