California wildfire forces voice of FOX31 to evacuate home

OJAI, Calif. -- Voice-over artist Beau Weaver is used to bringing the headlines, not being in them.

Weaver was forced to leave his home in Ojai, California on Tuesday when the Thomas fire broke out. He has lived in Southern California for 30 years. He said he has never seen fires like the area is experiencing now.

"I’ve seen fires," he said. "I've never seen it move this quickly and never been right in it’s path."

Photo: Beau Weaver

Weaver loaded up his RV and headed for safety. He said there were many scary moments.

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"We could see fire all around us. Some of the flames were whipped up by the winds into walls of flames that looked 50 feet high. In the rear-view mirror, I could see a wall of orange and red behind me and the sky was glowing," Weaver said.

He said it is difficult to get accurate information. He still does not know if his home is still standing.

"It's hurry up and wait to get good information because there is no central location to get real truthful information," Weaver said.

"You know it’s pretty scary not being able to get good information, but as my more spiritually minded friends tell me, this is an exercise in impermanence. We are just going to keep our fingers crossed."

Weaver described the winds of 70 mph, burning at a rate of an acre per minute. And he said there is no relief in sight.

"This Santa Ana wind event is supposed to continue through the week, so the weather is not cooperating. We're not out of the woods yet," Weaver said.

The raging fire is not keeping him from working. He has a mini-studio set up inside his RV.

"We are at a campground on the beach near the little town of Carpenteria where I am recording over the internet using cellular data, just waiting for word," he said.

Photo: Beau Weaver