Buck trapped in Colorado Springs drainage channel rescued — twice

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A buck had to be rescued from a drainage channel in west Colorado Springs during a three-hour ordeal on Wednesday, Colorado Parks and Wildlife said.

Not once, but twice.

The buck couldn’t get out of the channel, so officers from Colorado Parks and Wildlife had to rescue it after nearby residents called out of concern.

Officers tranquilized the buck, who went into a resting position in the channel.

After the buck was removed, it was placed on a path along the channel and officers waited for it to wake up.

The buck came out of a 40-minute nap and slowly got back up.

But instead of walking off to a nearby park, the buck decided to go back down the steep concrete incline and into the storm channel.

Wildlife officials tranquilized the buck a second time, removed it and guided it to the park, where it was deemed safe after the three-hour double rescue.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife documented the rescues in a series of posts on Twitter.